Sunday, March 31, 2013

Read before you act in the exercise of saving money

There is a simple money saving exercise that everyone should do at least once in their lives. It is ultimately one of the best ways to save money, because it is not about pinching pennies, but about discovering what you really want and getting it. It is so simple you may hesitate to try it. Just try it. Here it is:

List everything that you have spent money on, are currently spending money on, or might spend money on.

Don't just read this and think of a few things. Take the time to actually write it all down. Review your bank statements if you have to, in order to remember and include everything.
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Now go through the list, and carefully consider each item. Take the most time on the big items - past, present and future possibilities. If your timeshare on the beach is worth half what you paid, costs $1,000 per year in expenses, and is rarely used, you need to learn from that - not to punish yourself, but to have a richer life.

If you think honestly about the number of times you will use that Recreational Vehicle, and the cost, it may be $250 for each day of use. That's okay if that is worth it to you, but maybe you really would enjoy $100 hotels more. Or maybe you can rent an RV for less overall cost, thus freeing up money for other important goals.

You see, saving money isn't about sacrifice. We all are aware of the scrooges in life that pinch their pennies, bank the savings, and then do nothing with it. The point should be to save money in one area of life so you can use it in ways that make your whole life richer.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Currency Wars

I have concluded that it is almost impossible to understand what is happening in the precious metal markets without understanding that the world is in a currency war,  And this includes how the currency war is being conducted, and why.

The US dollar reserve currency arrangement to support world trade was created in the waning days of World War II, with the demise of the gold standard and the ascendancy of the Pax Americana.  It is called the Bretton Woods System.  It evolved quite a bit since then, especially when Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 and declared the US dollar a purely fiat currency.  Since then the world has gotten by on what some have called Bretton Woods II.

After sixty years, it is fairly clear that the dollar trading regime has had a good run, but has now outlasted its effective life span. The nail in the coffin is the economic instability in the US, and the need for the Federal Reserve to go to ZIRP and print buckets of money to support their domestic policy needs.
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While this makes sense for the US, it does not make sense for the rest of the world. This is similar to the reason why the Eurozone is failing. The ECB conducts monetary policy to suit the needs of a few core countries, and the periphery suffers. And that monetary policy is covering up the rot at the core I might add.

The situation is similar with the dollar and world trade. The Anglo-American Banking cartel grew up around the US dollar reign, and is still very powerful, being supported by most of the systemically important international banks.

But all things come to an end, and the world is looking for a better solution to the world as it is now, not how it was sixty years ago. But change comes slowly and with difficulty.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Southern Oregon Housing Resources for Oregon Buyers

Oregon is onboard the Neighborhood Stabilization train, and has submitted proposals to HUD on how they plan to allocate funds from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program that was approved under the 2008 Housing and Economic Recovery Act. The number of foreclosed homes in Jackson County has led to allocation of funds from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to Jackson County home buyers willing to purchase and rehabilitate these bank owned homes. The last update I received from Oregon Housing and Community Services was they are awaiting the final stamp of approval from their legal department before releasing the final guidelines, but here are some you may expect:
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    Maximum NSP investment per home buyer will be $50,000 or the difference between the total cost (acquisition and modest rehabilitation) and amount of mortgage eligible buyers can obtain (which ever is less). This means down payment assistance, folks!

    Funds will be in the form of a "soft second" loan, bearing no interest with payments deferred until the homeowner refinances or transfers title.

    A share of the appreciation will be due at transfer of title, and may potentially be waived if OHCS grants an exception.

    Income limits for Medford Area $18,200-83,800 depending on family size (2008).

    Work to be done by a licensed contractor, and cannot be done by the homeowner. Work will be paid for upon close of escrow.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't Rain on My Parade- or How I got kicked out of my support group

Do not tell Pine Tree State to live not, simply sit and putter,
Life's candy and therefore the sun's A ball of butter.
Do not bring around a cloud To rain on my parade!
Do not tell Pine Tree State to fly not-- I've merely ought to.
If somebody takes a spill, It's Pine Tree State and not you.
Who told you you are allowed To rain on my parade!

Ok, perhaps that is a trifle dramatic however it had been fun nowadays once that song came blaring out of my automobile radio shortly when i used to be kicked out of my carcinoma support cluster.

What? No! however may one thing likes that happen, you ask?
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To be honest it is a very little confusing to Pine Tree State still. after I got the word my carcinoma was a rare type I now hit Dr. Google to be told the maximum amount as I may. several cites with data on metaplastic carcinoma had words like "rare," "aggressive" and "worse prognosis" within the initial paragraph. i used to be a trifle frightened and looking out for others United Nations agency knew a lot of. I had been a member at for a few times and turned to their boards to search out others like me. What I found was the cluster had migrated from the discussions thereon well regulated board to a personnel FaceBook page.

Rushing Your Golf Swing

Rushing golf swing may be an enormous downside for the weekend or a lot of amateur participant. typically golfers grasp they need this downside and different times they are fully indifferent. If you swing your golf club too quick and rush your swing, it's sensible to be primarily aware. Once you recognize this is often a haul for you, therefore you will take the correct steps to start to eliminate this downside.

There square measure many reasons, some players might have an inclination to require their swings. try and hit the ball further and desires to run additional power will ease your golf swing. if you want to know more clear and complete and therefore visit our site Simple Golf Swing Review!. even be nervous or eager concerning the result of your shot will truly be a distraction and cause someone to travel too quick for his or her golf shots. try to build it a degree to hamper and take it slow. Worrying concerning the results to induce a trial, and easily have the interaction in a very golf swing sleek.
Have a descent pace on the coarse is vital. Some folks tend to run at the beginning of the spherical. If you rush to induce to your now to time for golf, you will take it slow to settle down and find your swing rhythm on the track. arrange ahead and there is many time to heat up before your spherical of golf and you will find yourself saving you several shots from the start from the a lot of relaxed.

Rhythm of your swing can evens take an excessive amount of tension in your arms and body. Voltage tends to cause a lot of things to travel too quick and swing. A mentor once aforesaid that you simply would truly go quicker by going slower. this is often a general term that may be applied to golf. it's helpful to relate this to slow the coarse. Too quickly will not help you reach the required results. Slow down, keep calm and take deep breaths can ease your swing speed and find yourself enjoying higher golf.