Sunday, October 7, 2012

Looking to Hire WordPress Developer? - Read This

Rise of WordPress is simply phenomenal. According to the studies, more than 22 percent of new websites are based on WordPress. Plugging, themes, widgets provides some great features and tools and you can alter the design and functionality as per your needs. Above all, it is open source nature has contributed to a dedicated and loyal community of users.

Plug-ins and widgets adds certain amount of customizations to WordPress website; however, if you are looking for one just according to your requirements, you need customization done at a professional level and hiring a WordPress developer is the way to achieve the same without breaking the code.

While looking to hire WordPress developer there are few points your should keep in mind

· Cost: WordPress is super intuitive and easy to learn. Many basic customizations could be easily achieved. You will get WordPress developers with varied skill sets. Most of them are amateurs who could achieve certain level of customizations with their limited set of knowledge.

However, other developers are extremely professional and experienced. They are the ones who could achieve any level of customizations and that too in short period. Of course, there would be difference in the rate they offer. It depends solely on the level of customization required by you. While the amateurs would cost your less, they would limit your ability to achieve the expected. Professional would cost little more, but will open a new horizon and degree of customization for your website and are the perfect WordPress developers for hire.

· Experience: Amateurs or professionals, experience is very important. Whatever service they are offering, it is very important to see carefully if they are experienced in it or not. Check their profile, their portfolio. If possible, have a discussion with their previous employer. A positive word of mouth is always better to add more credibility. You would not like a broken service or a service provider, who give up in between.

· Knowledge of XML, JavaScript and SQL: Maintenance and basic customization of WordPress website is a gentle wind through the CMS panel. However, adding custom functionalities to your website requires a developer having knowledge of JavaScript, XML and SQL. Then only, you could demand a complete control over user interactivity and experience.

· Developers should provide themes: The themes should be W3C compliant. This is one of the most important criteria. If they could not develop W3C compliant theme then it is best not to hire them. Though there are several professional themes available either free or paid; however, at the end of the day, having complete control over user experience require custom theme for your website and it is the job of the WordPress developer hired by you.


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